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Looking for a quality fruit and veg delivery service in Sydney? Fruitezy offers a diverse range of produce which comes with a freshness guarantee.

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We deliver the best fresh fruit, veg and groceries

Monday to Saturday All Over Sydney

There is limited delivery slots currently available. Please reserve your order and delivery date in advance. We aim to have all deliveries for “knock and drop” at your door step by 8.30pm on your selected delivery date Monday to Saturday. Please contact our office on 02 9411 5367 if you have not received your order by 8.30pm or alternatively email

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Groceries From Fruitezy

We don't just sell fruit & veg, our grocery selection includes everything from gourmet sauces to everyday items like milk, eggs, tea and bread. Peruse our chilled section for fine cheeses and dips or stock your cupboards with dried nuts, seeds and tinned goods. Fruitezy also sells fresh flowers, available to order from our online green grocer delivery service.

Fresh Produce Delivery in Sydney - How does it work?

We deliver from Monday to Saturday between 10:00am and 7:00pm, to anywhere in Sydney. Delivery fees start at $5. Click here to establish your delivery fee.

Deliveries can be organised outside Sydney by prior arrangements. Call us to discuss.

We also offer a click and collect service. You can order online (no minimum order required) and collect your order from any of our three stores from 10am to 6.30pm weekdays and between 10am to 3pm on Saturday’s.

Got any questions about the Fruitezy fruit and veg delivery service? Contact us, we'd love to hear from you.

Why Order From Fruitezy?

As a family-owned business with decades of experience, Fruitezy is known for its premium fresh produce with plenty of variety. Since we first started our online fruit and vegetables delivery service, our customers have relied on us for quality-tested seasonal boxes that are perfect for preparing a range of home-cooked meals, delicious juices and smoothies, salads, and healthy snacking.

Our range now includes:
- Seasonal vegetable and fruit box deliveries
- Groceries
- Fresh vegetables
- Milk and chilled products
- Flowers

Choose one of our seasonal boxes or customise your own delivery with everything you need for the week, from essentials like eggs and dairy to veggies inspired by international cuisines. Once you place your order with us, your beautiful box of fresh, seasonal produce will arrive chilled and fresh, guaranteed.

For any enquiries about ordering from the best online greengrocer in Sydney, get in touch with us.

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'Ezy' Stone Fruit Delights
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Fruitezy loves the summer season, with a wide rang and variety of fruits and vegetables that allow for your creativitiy to really show. Australia's warm climate brings the best out of fruits such as peaches, nectarines, grapes, mangoes and watermelon.

Fresh herbs provide a wealth of exciting flavours and fragrances. Cooking with fresh herbs is a fabulous and easy way to boost flavours without adding a lot of extra kilojoules.


Delicious Ways to Enjoy Celeriac
Celeriac maybe the ugly duckling of the winter vegie pack, but it certainly makes up for its lack of good-looks with sensational flavour and versatility.
Once known as Chinese gooseberries, kiwifruit now comes in three colours, each with its own distinct characteristics.

Sweet juicy and bursting with juice, these easy to peel citrus, offer several varieties throughout the season – which mandarin is your favourite, or are they all the same?

Nourishing homemade veggie stock is all-natural and free of any preservatives - it tastes so much richer than packaged stocks and is essential for warming winter cooking. It's also much cheaper.
This 4 ingredient, vibrant, Italian, green sauce adds a delicious burst of freshness to your cooking.
Salty, tangy and acidic preserved lemons are a fabulous ingredient to have in your fridge, ready to add freshness to your cooking.
Delicious roasted, mashed, steamed, baked, fried, microwaved, or barbecued nutritious, low GI sweet potato is a tasty addition to a meal. They are a fabulous substitute for traditional potatoes, adding sweetness and colour to the plate.
Delicious raw, roasted, pan-fry or braise, fennel works work well a wide range of flavours.

Brussels sprouts are little bundles of tasty goodness that shine in winter for value, quality, and versatility, but have you discovered their cousin Kalette?

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At Fruitezy, we are committed to providing the tastiest, freshest fruits, vegetables and groceries to our customers at fair prices. It’s our commitment to quality that has made us one of Sydney’s leading providers of farm-fresh fruit and vegetables.

From daily favourites like bananas, apples and oranges to seasonal treats like watermelon, mango, plums and papaya, Fruitezy’s range of fruit is vast and always juicy. The same goes for our nutritious vegetables — from beans, peas and broccoli, right over to the more exotic mushrooms and herbs, we have just what you need for every healthy meal. 

Our grocery selection also includes the basics like fresh bread and milk, useful condiments and spices, as well as local and imported tasty treats. We have an impressive range of chilled products too such as premium quality cheeses and delicious cold meats — yum! 

While we are renowned for our taste-tested fruit and vegetables, we also stock a wide selection of stunning flowers and high-quality gourmet products, corporate gift baskets and homemade salads — so you can fill fridges for yourself and your loved ones. 

What’s even better is you can enjoy our fresh produce delivery service right to your door. Simply add everything you need to your cart online, checkout and enjoy next-day delivery for all orders placed before midnight. We deliver from Monday to Saturday between 10:00am and 7:00pm to anywhere in our delivery zone areas. It’s as easy as that! 


Does Fruitezy have any physical stores?

We have three stores located in convenient locations across Sydney. Visit us at Chatswood Chase, Westfield Chatswood and Westfield Miranda. 

Does Fruitezy accommodate for last minute or express deliveries? 

You can place orders online for next-day fruit and veg delivery in Sydney right up to midnight the night before. Your delivery will arrive at your doorstep between 10am and 7pm the next day. 

Does Fruitezy offer in-store pick ups? 

Yes, besides our fresh produce delivery service in Sydney, you can order online and collect your groceries in-store. We have no minimum spend requirements and you have the choice to collect your order from any of our three stores between 10am and 6:30pm on weekdays and between 10am and 3pm on Saturdays.

What makes Fruitezy the best fresh produce delivery service in Sydney? 

Fruitezy’s online green grocer delivery service is fast and reliable. We guarantee that your order will be fresh and as tasty as it was when it left the store. Enjoy next-day delivery for all orders placed before midnight and low delivery fees inside our delivery zones. 

If you are outside our listed delivery zones, call us to organise fresh produce delivery outside Sydney and we’ll be more than happy to make arrangements with you. 

How do the fruit and veg box bundles work? Can I create my own? 

We currently offer seven different fruit and vegetable boxes for a healthy selection of seasonal, Australian-grown produce and pantry items. Simply add your box of choice to your cart, then checkout and we will pack and deliver delicious, fresh items straight to your door. You can also customise our boxes to suit your fruit and veg delivery preferences, rather than needing to create one from scratch. 

Freshness guaranteed 

You can always count Fruitezy for freshness in every one of our green grocer deliveries. 

If you’re not satisfied with the quality of our produce, never hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll replace your box — free of charge.

Discover more about our Fruitezy fruit and veg delivery service today — get in touch with one of our friendly staff to find out how we can meet all of your fresh fruit and veg needs.