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Know your mandarins

Available from March to October – Australian grown mandarins are at their best from April to September. Throughout the season Fruitezy stocks a number of the juiciest and sweetest eating varieties each with their own unique characteristic; some are seedless, others easier to peel, some are larger or just differently shaped. These five varieties are popular with our customers.

IMPERIAL - Are a small to medium sized fruit with smooth, thin-skinned. Easy to peel with a stunning sweet flavour.

EMPRESS - Are a newer variety of mandarins similar to a Honey Murcott but highly coloured. This variety have a moderate number of seeds and are not easy peel, but have a low acid content and are juicy and very sweet. 

HICKSON - The fruit larger than other varieties, with a slight neck, and a smooth, yellowish-orange rind with some gloss. The orange-fleshed fruit is juicy with good flavour and has 12-15 seeds.

HONEY MURCOTT - A deliciously sweet, late maturing mandarin with a distinctive honey taste. Similar in size to an Imperial, but seeded and not quite as easy to peel. The Honey Murcott has a high juice and sugar content, making it the sweetest of all the mandarin varieties.

DAISY- Ultra-juicy Daisy mandarins are a medium to large (6-8 cm in diameter), round citrus with smooth skin. Skin thickness is 4mm and is easy to peel. The attractive vibrant red-orange skin colour has a ‘glossy’ appearance. Its flesh has a sweet flavour and a tasty balance of acid to sugar, they are easy to peel and segment and don’t have ratio too many seeds.

AFOURER - mandarins are distinguishable by their darker orange-red skin colour. They have a thinner rind, extra juicy with fewer seeds. 

ROYAL HONEY MURCOTT – are a relative new comer to the market, this easy peel and sweet eating variety has a high juice content, is low in acid and has around 2-3 seeds.