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An Aussie favourite, the kiwi fruit is hugely popular both for its taste and unique appearance, which adds a touch of the exotic to many dishes. We have included green, golden and red varieties to our range for you to buy kiwi fruit easily, so you can enjoy whichever one is your favourite.

A versatile fruit

If you want to add a little tropical flamboyance to a fruit salad, it’s hard to go past the kiwi fruit. The golden kiwi fruit and green kiwi fruit have their own unique flavours, but both are absolutely delicious. Red kiwi fruits are a newer variety, completely natural, with a berry-like flavour. You can use kiwi fruits as a tasty garnish on the ever-popular pavlova, include it in a jam, make frozen kiwi pops or add them to a honey pecan salad. It really is an exceptionally versatile fruit that adds a bit of pop to the flavour and texture of many dishes. Ordering kiwi fruit online via Fruitezy makes it easy to get as well.

Two interesting facts about kiwi fruits

Did you know the kiwi fruit is so named because it resembles the kiwi bird? They’re both brown and fluffy! Another name for the kiwi fruit is Chinese gooseberry. This is due to the kiwi fruit actually being of Chinese origin before being grown in New Zealand. The second rarely-known fact is that kiwi fruit has more vitamin C than the equivalent amount of orange. Who knew!

Buy kiwi fruit and more online with Fruitezy

When you buy kiwi fruit online with us, you can be assured of farm-fresh quality regardless of if you are purchasing a single kiwi or a 10kg box. The same level of care is applied to all orders, and prompt delivery within the Sydney metropolitan area is a standard service for our customers. While you stock up on kiwis, why not add more fruits and arrange for a fruit box delivery? All of our fruit and vegetable selections are of high quality and hand-selected, so you know you will be receiving the best quality available when buying your fresh produce with us.

A family business serving the families of Sydney

Fruitezy is a family business that understands the needs of Sydneysiders for ease of access to fresh produce. Buying your general groceries and kiwi fruit online gives you the freedom to spend more time on the important things in life rather than cruising supermarket aisles in your limited free time.

Contact us today to take full advantage of the convenience of your grocery items being delivered to your door.