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Kiwifruit shines in winter, this delicious nutritious gem, is a rich source of vitamin C and contains vitamin E as well as dietary fibre.

All kiwifruits have small edible seeds and thin brown skin. Some varieties are furrier than others. Their flesh colour, taste and texture can vary.

Green-fleshed kiwifruit is very popular and less sweet than the yellow-fleshed variety. It has a firm edible central core.

Gold/yellow-fleshed kiwifruit has very juicy, sweet, tender golden-yellow flesh. It’s slightly elongated in shape. A mere 40g of gold kiwifruit contains a days’ recommended intake of vitamin C! This variety is ideally eaten when slightly firm.

Red-fleshed kiwifruit is a sweet and utterly irresistible new arrival to the market place. Its green and red flesh has an attractive star pattern in the centre.

To ripen and store: Leave firm kiwifruit to ripen at room temperature. It’s ripe and ready to eat when it yields to gentle pressure around the stem. Refrigerate once ripe. Keep apples away from kiwifruit to avoid kiwifruit ripening too quickly.

To eat: Cut kiwifruit in half and scoop out the flesh with a teaspoon. Alternatively, peel the fruit with a small sharp knife, and slice or dice as desired.