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Healthy Habits for Healthy Lives

Healthy Habits for Healthy Lives

Healthy Eating Habit Tips From Fruitezy

There are endless amounts of questions when it comes to eating healthy or being on a diet. Fruitezy have taken the most asked questions that people have and give you the answers you have been looking for.


Is cooking on a regular basis essential to healthy eating?

YES!!! Recent trends have seen meals prepared fresh, at home with cooking skills that brings quality nutrients for your body. Meals pre-prepared have displayed their worth in comparison to the freshly prepared meals at home. Their unwanted changes in nourishment and health is a major contributor to unhealthy decisions sweeping today’s society.

Due to additives and preservatives, meals that are not freshly prepared see an increased amount of unnecessary calorie levels.  Furthermore we see measurable losses of nutritional quality hence a lot of the fast food take outs explains an increased risk to obesity and high BMI (body mass index)


In order to eat healthy, do you need organized grocery lists and food planners?

Research has highlighted the importance of day-to-day habits, and such studies have displayed that there is a gap in our approach to food. This gap involves the space between our intentions and our actions.

It is easy to say that we are motivated when it come to our intentions and we say to ourselves that we need to eat healthier, that it can lower our risk of personal health problems. However, we do fail to act upon our intentions if they are not followed through. This gap is between intention and behaviour, as people intend to eat healthy however it is not translated in their changed food choices.

In conclusion, the studies highlight that a lack of planning is the key contributor to the “gap” between food intentions and food choices. The better the planning the easier it will be to close the “gap” between intention and choices. Planning is a way of adding flexibility to your daily diet, giving you a way of making sure that you can work around the foods you might need to avoid.


Are three meals the minimum for eating healthy?


At Fruitezy we recommend the 3-meals-plus-3-snack plan. Frequency is what is important as it leads to health benefits including better insulin metabolism, better glucose metabolism and much better hunger control. The other principle to meals involves time of day. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day especially as nutrient rich and portion control is practiced at this time.

Studies have shown late-night dinners and late-night eating close to sleep contribute to weight gain. Hence it is highly important to plan your meals at the right time of the day in order to effectively eat healthy. The third principle is the quality control if a “grazing” approach is taken, this referred to as eating episodes that are snacks rather than meals. This approach comes with a lot of health benefits, including better blood sugar control, better insulin metablolism and better weight management.

If you combine all three principles above, you end up with a recommendation for 4 to 6 eating times over the course of the waking day that includes a morning meal and 3 to 5 other eating times that help distribute the total day’s calories in a reasonable way.


Is it possible to create a well-balanced diet without paying attention to portion sizes?

Portion sizes are criticial for any well-balanced diet and they are a commonly overlooked aspect of healthy living. What is difficult for us to contemplate over is that portion size can be too large, too small or in the middle and we assume that these three options are pretty much all there is to it. However, research studies on portion size make it clear that our experience of portion size is actually quite different from these simple scenarios as the one described above.

  • Portion Size and Healthy Eating

Studies have shown that people expect to feel less satisfied on properly sized servings of most healthy foods and that moderate sized servings of healthy foods give a better experience in terms of immediate satisfaction and fullness. Therefore the mind and stomach play too different sides to the battle for food, and one must learn to control the amount you should be eating. The mind is important in controlling as it determines our mental strengthen when dealing with temptation and also is very powerful in the way it registers our food intake.


Does it matter if dinner is the largest meal of the day?


Timing and the size of your dinner meal can impact your health as it plays such an important role in your effort to eat healthy. The relationship between dinnertime and bedtime is very closely studied as it can mean the difference between eating healthy and not. Large meals in the evening results in out-of-sync eating that proves to have negative effects on the body including unwanted fluctuations in adiponectin levels, and these altered adiponectin levels have been associated with increased risk of obesity, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.

We believe that you should approach your dinners in a way that makes the most sense for you and your lifestyle. Most people enjoy a family-type meal, as it is not often possible except at dinnertime to be able to sit down and enjoy a meaningful event. So we highly recommend you shape the meal to your comfort yet do not abandon basic eating principles at dinner, including principles related to portion size. Also do not abandon the principle related to late meals and not having a late meal too close to bedtime.