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Indulge in Envy: Crisp, Sweet, and Simply Irresistible!

Indulge in Envy: Crisp, Sweet, and Simply Irresistible!

Check out the latest addition to our premium apple selection: Envy apples! Max Filipe, our founder, ensures that only the highest quality apples make it onto our shelves. Envy apples are a cross between Braeburn and Royal Gala varieties, resulting in a unique blend of sweet and tart flavours with a hint of floral notes.

What sets Envy apples apart is their remarkable crunchiness, making each bite satisfying and delightful. Their juicy and firm flesh creates a delightful eating experience, while their natural resistance to browning when sliced makes them perfect for salads, fruit platters, and snacks.

With their bright red skin and distinctive vertical striping pattern, Envy apples are as visually appealing as they are delicious. They're bred in New Zealand but have been cultivated in various regions across Australia, including Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia to ensure freshness and availability.

Envy apples are versatile in the kitchen, adding a pop of sweetness and crunch to salads or holding up well in baking and cooking applications. Whether enjoyed fresh as a healthy snack or incorporated into your favourite recipes, Envy apples are sure to impress with their exceptional taste, texture, and appearance.

Pop a few Envy apples in your cart this week and taste the difference in quality and flavour that Fruitezy brings to the fruit bowl.