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The Summer Favourites

The Summer Favourites

Summer is here and there is no better time to be out and about with friends and family over these coming months. 

Fruitezy loves the summer season, with a wide rang and variety of fruits and vegetables that allow for your creativitiy to really show. Australia's warm climate brings the best out of fruits such as peaches, nectarines, grapes, mangoes and watermelon.

At Fruitezy these magnificent fruits present great value and are exceptional for eating

Below we have prepared a guide for what to look out for this summer with the fruits that include:

  • Mangoes
  • Grapes
  • Watermelon
  • Plums
  • Peaches


It is that time of the year, and along comes some of the juiciest fruits. Mango is no exception; the sweet and juicy fruit is one of a kind and offers the most refreshing snack during those hot summer days. Available in store at Fruitezy we have a wide range of mangoes available to you. If you are looking for the large deep oranged sweet and mild mango the R2E2 mango is available in-store. If you are looking for the medium sized, oval shaped mango then the Kensington Pride’s sweet and tangy flavour is the one to look out for in-store at Fruitezy. If you are picky and seek to get the sweeter orange fleshed with no fibre and a mild lemony taste, then the Calypso mango is the one you should look out for at one of our Fruitezy stores.


Peaches are in-season now and at Fruitezy we bring to you the freshest and juiciest ones on the market. Your choice is simple white or yellow. If you are a fan of having a sweeter experience out of a peach Fruitezy recommends the white peach as it has a less acidic makeup in comparison to the yellow peach. If you are a fan of the more tart like sweetness of fruit then the yellow peach is your choice. At Fruitezy we stock our shelves to the top with this wonderful fruit for you to enjoy so be sure to come on down and enjoy them.


Currently plums have just hit their potential stage and are slowly coming into store now. With Red beauty plums leading the way for the rest of our plums in store, have you eyes peeled so you spot over the next coming weeks the rest of force come into Fruitezy.


Grapes are the gems of summer. Refreshing, sweet and juicy there is nothing else that does it better. With a wide range of grapes coming onto the market the choice is limitless. At Fruitezy we always aim to bring the highest quality grapes for the best price for you to enjoy. Available at Fruitezy currently is Midnight Beauty Grapes, Meindee Seedless Grapes and Flame Seedless Grapes so be sure to come check them out next time you are in store.


The watermelon is a favourite for everyone. There is nothing better than sitting on a sunny day and cutting a fresh watermelon up. Being mostly made up of water when you bite into it you feel rejuvenated and refreshed while enjoying the sweet flavour it possesses. Be sure to grab some watermelon next time you are in Fruitezy.