Fresh Stories Detail



Fresh herbs provide a wealth of exciting flavours and fragrances. Cooking with fresh herbs is a fabulous and easy way to boost flavours without adding a lot of extra kilojoules.

CORIANDER: Known also as Chinese parsley and cilantro has distinct aroma and sharp taste and is used extensively in Asian cooking. All parts of the herb are useable. Use stems, leaves in salads, curries, stir-fries and soups. Use roots in curry pastes.  Compliments chicken, fish, curries, stir-fry vegetables and mango.

DILL: Like fennel fronds, dill's feathery leaves have a delicate anise flavour. Dill adds a clean, fresh flavour to cucumber, seafood, chicken, beetroot, soups, eggs, sour cream, cabbage, potatoes, vinegar and vegetable dishes. Dill is a popular ingredient in Russian and Scandinavian dishes.

MINT: There are numerous varieties of mint, and the most common is spearmint, often called garden mint. Mints fresh leaves and stems have a refreshing menthol flavour and fragrance. Mint complement potatoes, lamb, peas, pineapple, cucumber, yoghurt, fresh berries, apples, lime and chilli.

OREGANO:  Oregano leaves has a distinct strong aroma; it adds a sweetness to a dish and balances acidic and salty dishes. Oregano is used extensively in Italian cooking, including pizza toppings with tomatoes, onions sauces, and risotto; it teams deliciously with capsicums, olives, eggplant, pork, fish, lemons, chicken and zucchini.

CURLY PARSLEY OR FLAT LEAF PARSLEY: Highly nutritious parsley blends with garlic, eggs, vegetables, cheese, fish, soups and poultry. Use stalks in stocks and leaves in salads and tabbouleh, or finely chop and mix with breadcrumbs to coast chicken, veal or lamb.

ROSEMARY: Rosemary is an aromatic herb with a bold pine-like aroma and taste. Use Rosemary sparingly. Excellent with lamb, pasta, roast potatoes and chicken. Chop leaves finely.

SAGE: Sage is an intensely flavoured and aromatic herb that is excellent for counteracting richness in dishes. Try sage in mince-meat mixes with game, pumpkin and cabbage. Fry sage leaves in butter or oil until crisp and serve with veal. Sage and onion stuffing is an old favourite, and sage is traditionally a component in a mixed herb blend. 

THYME: Thymes strong aromatic leaves go well with onions, olives, beans, roast potatoes and most meat and vegetable dishes. Thyme is best cooked in dishes because off its slight bitterness.

Add a few bunches of fresh herbs to your shopping list to enjoy add a bunch of flavour to your cooking.