Sydney's Best Corporate Office Fruit Box


Fill your Office fruit bowl with Sydney's best Corporate Office Fruit Box. 

This bumper selection of healthy, juicy fruit is simply brimming with flavour, vitamins and colour. We pick easy grab and go options to suite office preferences.

Whip up fresh fruit smoothies, juice your oranges,  make fruit salads and bake warming desserts and homemade muffins with these seasonal fruit favourites.

Fruitezy’s Corporate Office Fruit Box is ideal for corporate fruit delivery in Sydney to help keep staff healthy or to create a seasonal fruit platter to share. The best way to motivate to get back in the office is through food

This product is creatively picked based on value and seasonality to make sure your staff always have the best available on the day. 

*Subject to availability, market pricing and seasonality

**Items that unavailable will always be replaced with a seasonal variant, Surprise Surprise...

You may also leave a note with preference or exactly what you would like in the box