SPICE & CO Zaatar Spice Mix 40g


 Zaatar is a generic name given to this middle eastern herb, seed & spice mix. Zaatar mixes vary slightly from region to region throughout the middle east but most contain thyme, sesame & sumac. Jordanian Zaatar also includes cumin. Zaatar is traditionally sprinkled over flatbreads that have been lightly brushed with oil and quickly baked or toasted. Zaatar can be used as a seasoning for chicken or used in stuffing mixes. Serve Zaatar alongside Dukkah and virgin olive oil. Dip Turkish bread in the oil, then coat in a thin layer of Zaatar, then enjoy!  Zaatar can sprinkled over baked/mashed potatoes or mixed with butter to serve with vegetables or make a variation on garlic bread.

Sesame seeds, thyme,sumac, coriander, cumin, parsley, caraway sea salt