SPICE & CO Sesame Seeds Black 60g


Black sesame seeds with a nutty and earthier flavour than white sesame seeds are most commonly used in Japanese, Korean and Northern Chinese cooking. Black sesame seeds have less natural oil than white sesame seeds and for this reason have a crunchier texture - their flavour is amplified when heated. Black sesame is often used for visual or textural appearance rather than flavour as in Japanese sushi rolls. Blended with sea salt (goma shio) they are used in Japanese cooking to sprinkle over salads, rice dishes, and vegetables. In modern Japanese dishes, black sesame seeds are being used to make ice cream, parfaits and an increasing range of confections and baked goods.    


Uses and Ideas!  ©

  • Make homemade sushi rolls with salmon and roll in black sesame seeds.
  • Add sesame seeds to fresh breadcrumbs and use to crumb seafood, chicken pieces etc.
  • Make Chinese style sesame prawn toast by spreading a mix of minced prawns, sesame oil, chopped green onion (seasoned) over finger sized pieces of bread and crumbing them in a mix of black and white seeds.