SPICE & CO Rosemary Leaves 40g


Rosemary is an intensely aromatic herb native to the Mediterranean that has a woody and peppery favour with hints of pine, nutmeg and camphor. As with fresh Rosemary, dried rosemary is intensely fragrant. The flavour of Rosemary will permeate roasts and goes extremely well with chicken (breasts, thighs, drumsticks, wings, whole birds), Lamb (leg, shoulder, rack, chops/cutlets and shanks), Beef (rump, steaks, rib eye roast, sirloin roast, fillet, flank, ribs), Veal (roast joints). 


Uses and Ideas!  ©

  • Add a little rosemary with grated orange zest when braising lamb shanks, pork ribs or making veal Osso Bucco - its non traditional but adds great flavour!
  • Add rosemary to potatoes sautéed with onion or leeks.
  • Grind rosemary with sea salt, sprinkle chicken, fish fillets or use as a seasoning on slow baked tomatoes.
  • For a simple starter, add a little rosemary to balsamic vinegar and virgin olive oil and use as a dipping condiment for hot crunchy sour dough or ciabatta.
  • Add rosemary and sumac to lamb, beef or chicken kebabs for bbqs or add to red meat marinades.
  • Brush Lebanese bread or pita bread w' olive oil - sprinkle with rosemary, salt/pepper and dry bake -break into "rosemary crackers".