SPICE & CO Poppy Seeds 70g


Poppy seeds (blue) are derived from the same plants as opium but do not have any narcotic properties. They have a subtle sweet, nutty flavour (mild almond) that is accentuated when baked. Blue poppy seeds are generally used in baked recipes e.g. breads, buns, bagels, pretzels, and pastries. White poppy seeds are used in Indian and Middle Eastern dishes to add flavour and as a thickening agent.


Uses and Ideas!  ©

  • Add poppy seeds & mandarin zest to frangipane for use in tarts. - Make friandes with poppy seeds, crushed almonds and lemon.
  • Toss poppy seeds, toasted pine nuts and nut sized pieces of blue cheese through cooked pasta (tagliatelle) with virgin oil, lemon and parsley.
  • Cheese straws - Add a mix of poppy seeds, grated parmesan, and crushed flakes of sea salt atop a sheet of butter pastry. Fold in half to capture filling, cut into strips, twist and bake.
  • Add poppy seeds to batters (tempura, beer) to add visual interest to fried foods. E.g. ricotta stuffed zucchini flowers in poppy seed tempura.
  • Blend soaked poppy seeds with honey and spread over toast or scones.