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SPICE & CO Peppercorns White Whole 60g


White pepper is regarded for its aromatic pungency and heat profile. All peppercorns (green, black, white and pink) are in fact the same berry at different stages of maturity. The inner core of the berry, white peppercorn, has a sharper kick than black pepper. White pepper is hotter and less fragrant than black pepper. The sharper flavour should be used when you require "heat" without the full fragrant taste of black pepper. White pepper is more pungent at first taste with a mild fruit taste secondary- whereas black pepper is spicy and fruity at first taste with a secondary pungency or kick of heat. Traditionally, white pepper is used in recipes where visual appeal is considered (avoiding black specks) e.g. white sauces, quiche fillings, soups and savoury dishes.


Uses and Ideas!  ©

  • Use in savoury cheese biscuits with chives.
  • Add to minted guacamole to serve with chilled seafood.
  • Add to braised cabbage or endive with white balsamic and garlic.
  • Add to the egg mixes before making an omelette/frittatas.
  • Add to simple broths, soups or chowders.