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SPICE & CO Pepper Black Ground 55g


Black pepper is regarded for its strong warm aromatic pungency. All peppercorns (green, black, white and pink) are in fact the same berry at different stages of maturity or process. Black peppercorns are the picked green berries that have been dried. The berries contain the inner "white" core that is white pepper as can be seen when using cracked pepper. Black pepper is more fragrant than white pepper. Ground Black pepper can be used to add fragrant heat to casseroles, braised dishes, meat loafs, hamburger and marinades.    


Uses and Ideas!  ©

  • Freshly ground black pepper lightly smoked in a wok gives a fragrant kick to seafood such as Singapore Black Pepper Crab.
  • Make a Cuban inspired "Adobo" marinade for chicken breasts, fish fillets, lamb cutlets or legs of pork. Combine 1 tsp each of ground black pepper, ground cumin, dried oregano leaves, ground coriander and sea salt. Mix with 1 tbsp chopped garlic, juice of 2 limes and juice of 4 oranges (contrated by half - by reducing in a pan on the stove). Mix well and use to marinate preferred cuts (in the fridge) for at least 2 hours.