SPICE & CO Ginger Ground 60g


Ground ginger is a forceful warming ingredient with flavours reminiscent of pepper, mustard and lemon. It is less fragrant than fresh ginger but is penetrating when used in cooking. Ground ginger is popularly used in baking e.g. gingerbread and is the flavour of ginger beer.  Ground ginger is a key ingredient of the spice mixes - Chinese five spice, Ethiopian/Eritrean berbere, Moroccan ''ras el hanout'', Indian curry blends/masalas and the French ''quatre epices''.  Ground ginger can be used in marinades or as a dry rub (with ground cumin)on meats as it has tenderising properties as well as great flavour. 


Uses and Ideas!  ©

  • Add ground ginger to steamed pudding recipes and serve with sticky glazed quinces and double cream.
  • Mix ground ginger with castor sugar and a little ground cinnamon - dust the sugar over fresh pineapple slices, figs or quartered pears before grilling until caramelised.
  • Toast pine nuts in a pan with a pinch of ground ginger until golden - serve over salads or roast root vegetables.
  • Ground ginger can be added to simple shortbread recipes as well as sweet or savoury pastry dough’s.