SPICE & CO Fennel Seeds 60g


Fennel seeds are native to the Mediterranean and have a fragrant aniseed flavour. Fennel seeds go well with roast pork, chicken and seafood dishes (particularly seafood soups). Fennel seeds are the key spice in Italian salamis and sausages, the Indian spice mix Panch Phora, Malaysian Satay spice mix. Fennel seeds are a good digestive aid and (chewed raw) assist in freshening the breath. 


Uses and Ideas!  ©

  • Toast and crush fennel seeds and sprinkle over feta cheese with freshly ground black pepper and virgin olive oil - serve with sour dough.
  • Add roast fennel seeds to homemade pickled vegetables.
  • Use fennel seeds to flavour any cut of pork (roast or grill).
  • Add to Mediterranean seafood soups or stews.
  • Add fennel seeds to braised chickpeas with fresh chunks of fennel, diced tomatoes and Kalamata olives with garlic, olive oil, Italian parsley, pepper and sea salt. Serve as an accompaniment to roast pork, grilled fish fillets or simply with warmed sourdough baguette.
  • Simple side dish - Sautee in olive oil, fennel seeds, a finely sliced fennel bulb and finely sliced onions.