SPICE & CO Coriander Ground 60g


Coriander is native to Egypt and the southern Mediterranean and has a fragrant lemon/orange scented flavour with traces of mild pepper. It is a mild amalgamating spice and therefore forms the basis of many spice mixtures such as curry powders and the Indian masalas Sambhar, Rasam, Garam etc. It is used to add flavour to dahls, braised lentils, chickpeas and vegetable dishes.  


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  • Make a simple and quick Harissa Paste - Harissa is a fiery hot Tunisian chilli based spice paste used as a condiment or wet rub with barbecued meats. Use this recipe as a guideline only, so that you control the heat!   Combine 3 tbsp dried chilli flakes with 1 clove fresh garlic (1 tsp dried), 1 tbsp ground caraway seeds (or toasted/crushed seeds), 1 tbsp ground coriander, 1 tbsp of sweet paprika, 1 tsp smoked paprika, 1 tsp dried mint, sea salt to taste and enough olive oil to form a "moist" paste. Chefs' Tips - Warm the spices first to maximise flavour. If you find the paste too hot, add 1 roast/peeled red capsicum and blend until smooth. Serve Harissa with grilled meats/poultry, cold cuts platters, roast vegetables or add to braised meat dishes to give it a kick along