SPICE & CO Cinnamon Sticks 20g


Cinnamon "Sticks" are from the same family of trees as cinnamon cassia quills. Cinnamon "Sticks" are the dried bark of the an evergreen tree - the bark curling inwards like a thin cigar (as it dries) rather than "scrolling"  as with cinnamon cassia quills. Cinnamon Sticks have a more fragrant, floral aroma and are less pungent than cassia quills. Cinnamon Sticks are lighter in colour and more fragile than cassia quills. Both Cassia and Cinnamon Sticks are generally interchangeable in recipes - depending on your preference. 


Uses and Ideas!  ©

  • Add to cream based preparations for ice-creams, semi-freddo, pana cotta, parfaits or cream brulee.
  • Add with star anise to a Vietnamese beef pho (soup).
  • Take a break from coffee or tea?  Warm apple cider in a non-reactive pan - add one cinnamon stick and two allspice pimento berries. Gently heat until simmering, remove the allspice berries and pour the cider into mugs. Use the cinnamon sticks to garnish each mug.
  • Add to Indian style vegetable dishes, rice pilaffs, biriyani.
  • Add a cinnamon stick and split vanilla bean to poached stone fruits or sautéed diced apples to serve with pork.