SPICE & CO Cinnamon Cassia Quills 30g


(Cinnamon) Cassia Quills are from the same family of trees as cinnamon quill (sticks). Cassia Quills are the dried bark of the cassia tree - the bark tending to "scroll" inwards as it dries rather than "curling” as is the case with cinnamon quill (sticks). Cassia quills are more pungent and robust in flavour than cinnamon (sticks). They are darker in colour than cinnamon quill (sticks) and they have an intense deep woody/earthy flavour. Cassia Quills are well suited to long slow cooking such as Chinese/Vietnamese braised meat/poultry dishes, Indian curries and rice dishes. Quills can be added to recipes where an earthier rather than sweeter flavour is desired.


Uses and Ideas!  ©

  • Add to Chinese "red" braised dishes with chicken/duck.
  • Add to Asian style broths/soups/stocks (master stock).
  • Add to sugar syrups with star anise, orange/mandarin peel and red or white wine when poaching pears, quinces, pineapple, rhubarb or red fleshed stone fruits.
  • Add to "mulling" spices to warm/infuse with red wine.
  • Make a variation on Teriyaki sauce - simmer pieces of cassia quill with soy sauce, mirin, sake, sugar to taste and grated orange zest, serve with grilled chicken or fish.