SPICE & CO Chipotle Ground 30g


Spice & Co. Chipotle is sourced from Spain and is a naturally smoked product with an earthy sweet taste. Chipotle is made by drying ripened Jalopeno Chilli peppers (capsicum) in smoke houses fuelled with slow burning oak wood. The smoke enhances the flavour by caramelising the naturally present sugars. The chilli peppers are milled to a fine powder and used to add colour/flavour to dishes. Chefs tip - as with saffron, a little goes a long way and can easily dominate a dish so less is more!


- Make a Chipotle Mayonnaise by sauteing shallots with Chipotle Powder in olive oil and combining (when chilled) with quality mayonnaise - drizzle over seafood or chicken tacos or salads. - Add Chipotle Powder to Spanish paellas, Mediterranean style seafood/tomato soups and braised meat dishes. - Add Chipotle Powder to marinades or combine with sweet paprika and dust over baked/sauteed potatoes. - Chipotle gives a great flavour to red meat spice rubs or marinades.

- Chipotle adds an earthy dimension to braised lentils, Italian pepperonata and pasta sauces. It goes well with poultry, beef/pork ribs, caramelised onions and roast root vegetables.