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SPICE & CO Chinese Five Spice Mix 55g


Chinese Five Spice Mix is a balanced blend of cooling & warming spices & thus represents "yin & yang" that is fundamental to Chinese cuisine & philosophy. Use as dry spice rub or marinade for chicken, pork & duck. Add sea salt to the spice mix and sprinkle over deep fried whitebait, calamari/squid or quails. Use as a fragrant spice seasoning for salmon fillets (or oily fish). Five spice can be added to stir fried vegetables with sea salt and a little sesame oil. Add five spice to marinades for pork ribs or chicken wings. Add a pinch of five spice to a sesame oil vinaigrette to toss with Chinese cabbage salad. Add Five Spice and grated orange zest to cookie or muffin mixes.

Contains-Star Anise, Fennel, Cinnamon, Cloves, Black Pepper.