SPICE & CO Caraway Seeds 60g


Caraway has an intense nut like aroma that combines the sweet flavours of anise, aniseed, fennel and mint. It is used in traditional continental style breads such as rye bread and is a key ingredient in barbecue style spice rubs and the fiery Tunisian spice paste, Harissa. 


Uses and Ideas!  ©

  • Crush the seeds, sauté in olive oil and add to carrots.
  • Combine crushed caraway seeds with sea salt and cracked pepper - use as a dry rub/seasoning for roast pork belly, poultry or grilling steaks.
  • Add to braised cabbage, sautéed leeks or caramelised onions.
  • Add caraway seeds and mint to roast new potatoes
  • Make a fragrant sweet potato dip by adding caraway and chilli to sautéed onion, add to well cooked sweet potato & puree with olive oil, sea salt and white ground pepper. Serve as a dip or reheat and serve with grilled fish, grilled poultry/duck, or steaks. 
  • Create a simple pasta of sautéed Chorizo, onion, caraway seed, and tomato - add pasta and top with fresh chopped herbs.
  • Caraway also adds a unique flavour to baked/stewed fruits such as apples, quinces, pears & pineapple.