PREDILECTA Goiabada Guava Paste 500g

Is a Brazilian delicacy enjoyed as a luscious, refreshing sweet. The Predilecta factory is the most state of the art in Brazil for producing this kind of product. Goiabada pink guava paste has a full sweet flavour & beautifully smooth texture which can be sliced for an appealing presentation. It really is a mouth watering experience! In Brazil this product is most often eaten together with cheese, this combination is called Romeo & Juliet, hence it makes for an excellent addition to a cheese platter. Also this versatile product can be used in biscuits or melted into a syrup & used in cheese cake & many other sweet desserts. Whether eaten on a wine & cheese night or used to make a unique menu item, the taste for Predilecta guava paste will always be enjoyed. Bulk sizes also available for foodservice. See recipes page for delicious recipes & menus ideas.