Mushrooms Flat (250g)


As their name suggests, the caps has opened out flat, exposing the rich, dark gills. Small flats are sometimes known as breakfast mushrooms. Medium-sized flats are sometimes known as barbecue mushrooms (although any mushroom is great on the barbie). Jumbo flats are the large version and a recent addition to the mushrooms on offer. Flats are a meal in themselves and make an ideal meat substitute.

Flat mushrooms should not be confused with field mushrooms, although their appearance and flavour are similar. Flats have an intense, robust, almost ‘meaty’ flavour, with a dense, spongy texture slightly softer than cups and buttons.

Preparation:  There’s no need to wash or peel mushrooms – simply brush off any specks or wipe over with a damp cloth or paper towel. Trim stems as required.

Usages:  Like cups, flats are best served cooked. Try roasting or barbecuing them whole. Sliced, they make sensational tempura and diced they produce the most intense colour and flavoured duxelle, soup, tapenade and sauce.