Bruemar Boneless Pork Leg Roast 2-2.2kg


Bruemar Boneless Pork Leg Roasts are an absolute delight. Easy to roast, easy to carve they are perfect for your next roast meal.

Each Bruemar product is comprised of tender pork that takes the guesswork out of preparing juicy, flavoursome meals. Bruemar’s premium pork is sourced from a select group of Australian family-owned farms.

Bruemar offers highest quality Pork products across a variety of sales channels. From primary cuts to tailored value-add retail solutions our focus is on providing families with juicy, flavoursome and easy to cook meals.

All products are 100% Australian Pork from a select group of Australian family-owned farms. Used and recommended by leading Australian butchers, and awarded with the Asian Export Awards in the Fresh Food category, assures the premium quality produce.

Please note that product will be delivered raw and will require cooking. Imagery is for illustrative purposes only