ABSOLUTEFRUITZ Freeze Dried Fruit Mango Slices 35g


AbsoluteFruitz Freeze Dried Mango Slices 35g

AbsoluteFruitz Freeze Dried Fruits are made by freezing fresh produce mango and then slowly vacuuming the water content, the resulting dried fruit retains the maximum amount of nutrients in fresh fruit.
Can’t get enough fruit each day? We are proud to provide with the range of innovative fruit snacks to help meet your daily fruit-intake requirements in an often hectic daily lifestyle. These snacks are healthy, delicious, convenient and ideal for all age groups.

AbsoluteFruitz Freeze Dried Fruits are fat free; gluten free; dairy free; preservative free; sulphur free; no artificial colours or flavours; long shelf life; remain fresh without refrigeration and a taste sensation guaranteed to please adults and children alike.

Our AbsoluteFruitz Freeze Dried Fruits are:

• Fat free
• Gluten free 
• Dairy free 
• Preservative free 
• Sulphur free 
• No artificial colours or flavours 
• Long shelf life 
• Highly nutritious source of nutrients including vitamins, minerals and fibre 
• No spoilage or wastage of fresh fruit 
• No mess, no fuss 
• Remain fresh without refrigeration 
• Comparatively priced to fresh fruit 
• A taste sensation guarantee