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BELLA ITALIA Fileja Calabresi Pasta 454g


Fileja, also known as "Scialatielli," is a pasta of ancient origins, typical of the Calabrian tradition and widely associated with the Area of Vibo Valentia. A few millimeters thick, usually 3-4 at most, and light yellow in color, its shape is a screw that has been stretched out.
The soul of Scialatelli is the ability to spin, or, in the local dialect, "u filaru dinacu or dinaculu."
The dough is wrapped to resemble an "Esparto," which is a cord-like shape made from tough grass that grows wild and can also be used to make fiber. The Fileja are ideal with meat sauce or fresh tomato sauce, basil, and fish based sauces.

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Kosher
  • Cooking Time 19
  • Shape Bella Italia
  • Weight 1 lb