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'Ezy' Stone Fruit Delights

'Ezy' Stone Fruit Delights

Happy New Year and welcome to 2016………

January is an awesome time for Australian fruit. Tasmanian Cherries are regarded as the best in the world over the next 6 weeks. The cooler climate in Tasmania is far more suited to cherries than the very hot areas on the mainland that were our traditional growing areas.

We have an exceptional range of cherries on offer right now, so take full advantage whilst the season is at its peak.

The is an abundance of exceptional eating fruits at the present, Peaches and Nectarines both White and Yellow are full of flavour and presenting great value. Kensington Pride mangoes are now in full supply from Mareeba and represent great value. Plums and Apricots are also in full swing right now and are full of flavour.
Lychees are coming into their own at the moment and eating quite well, with some good buys to be had. New season Australian grown grapes are also in good supply and quite reasonably priced, a must have in the fruit bowl at home. All varieties of Melons are eating sensationally at the present and are an excellent option for the palette.

Don’t forget the salad lines, locally grown Lebanese Cucumbers are now in full supply and the quality coming through is superb. We also have a full range of all varieties of fresh lettuce coming through from our local farmers.

We have a feast of all types of Tomatoes on offer which are extremely flavoursome and represent great value