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Australia Day Celebrations made 'Ezy' with FruitEzy

Australia Day Celebrations made 'Ezy' with FruitEzy

Australia day is celebrated on 26th January with great pomp and show. This is a day where friends and relatives get to visit each other and bring attractive gifts to captivate the imagination and celebration of this iconic day. One can also organize picnics with impeccable fruit baskets consisting of some of the country’s best healthiest fresh produce.

This is also an awesome time of year for fresh produce in Australia, as we have so much variety on offer with all the summer fruits. Peaches, Nectarines, Cherries, Lychees, Grapes and a wide range of beautiful fresh berries can be purchased from the website and could be included in a healthy fresh fruit basket. And there is no shortage of Apples and Oranges either, which are also rich in vitamins. The presence off PHYTONUTRIENTS in the fruit would go a long way in regulating the blood sugar level of the body. FLAVANOIDS in apples can block the production of the enzymes such as alpha-AMYLASE and alpha-GLUCOSIDASE.

Apples also contain dietary fibers that are known to ensure seamless digestion in an impeccable manner. Due to regulation of fat levels, people can prevent the instance of heart attacks. Healthy gourmet fruit box consisting of grapes, black berries and other seasonal fruits are mixed together to spice up the occasion for enjoyment with friends and family members.

Pink lady Apples with impeccable fruit salads are delectable and would go a long way in attracting the imagination of the people. In addition, one can enjoy the cranberry salad that is a rich source of anti oxidants. They play an important role in the elimination of the free radicals.

Oranges in the fruit basket is rich in Vitamin C that can prove very useful to prevent the inflammatory diseases including tumor and cancer. Similarly, consumption of oranges can help to eliminate the occurrences of thee blood clots in the system. Moreover, it plays a stellar role in reducing the cholesterol level in the blood. If the fat is reduced, it can have a cascading effect on the well being of the body. The immune system of thee individual would improve and also lead to change in the lifestyle.

Fruit basket along with platters becomes the cynosure of the foodies during Australia day and other special occasions. For instance the addition of the pineapple in the eclectic mix as it is instrumental in boosting the immune system of the body. Delicious platters might comprise of citrus banana fruit drip because it is amazingly healthy and tasty for the foodies. Using coconut milk and banana, one can prepare amazingly tasty dish. For a festival like Australia day, one can organize wonderful fruit parties for the colleagues and friends.